Celebrating diversity

Could you imagine a monochrome universe where everybody looks like everybody? How would it feel to live in a world where diversity is not tolerated?


Growing up in uniform, you incorporate uniformity. It's incredible how the requirement of wearing a uniform reflects on the way young people think and feel. You totally integrate because everybody else does it as well.

As soon as you put your uniform on, you lose your light-heartedness. You incorporate conduct full of respect and discipline, and you do not question it at all. To exceptional occasions, you wear a Pioneer-Uniform, which gives you pride and significance. Again, you do not ask why.

What mainly happened to us in socialist Romania was: Joung people were influenced and made compliant to accept authority without even thinking about it.

We often give up our capacity for free-thinking without any question.

That's how dictatory regimes work. Society often works like this.

Venturing Diversity out

What does beauty mean to you? What is freedom? How do you define bliss? How does satisfaction feel for you?

I wish we could sit together to see and listen to the answers that appear to us to these questions. We would find out how diverse and individually minted our responses are.

We would be laughing together and then discussing, maybe even controversial. We would be learning from each other, sharing thoughts, emotions, and energy. Incredible, new, and exciting ideas would develop.

Even though we are so different, we would feel connected, value each other, and treat us fairly and with respect. Creativity could find it's space.

Am I daydreaming?

It is a vision of mine to reach the state, where we accept each other just the way we are. We would stop comparing ourselves, and enviousness would not even exist. To let this dream come thru is where I invest my energy in.

You are beautiful, just the way you are #iamenough (Instagram).


Today is International Women's Day, and my email account explodes, receiving one discount offer after another. That's an excellent thing!

What thrills me is that it's Sunday, I am at home and can take time to watch some TV, which seldomly happens. Phoenix broadcasts a series of documentaries about women all over the world.

Women in Palau, for example, an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean, are esteemed and are hailed. I am impressed by how strong their community is in all life challenges.

In Palau, women are the deciders and the trend-setter. Their decisions are wise and down to earth.

"The earth owns us; we do not own the earth. " - This is how they live.

I see so many different faces, people of different ages, and shapes. They seem to be happy and contented even if their life is modest compared to ours. They take care of each other and share all the facets of their life with their community. Each of them is enough, just the way he or she is. They estimate each other and embrace their diversity.

This grounds me. Consuming offers does not really make us happy. It's nice to treat yourself sometimes, but this is not all that our lives are about.

What makes us strong, wise, and kind-hearted? What fills our hearts sustainably and gives us joy? Do we share and give from our hearts?

Questions that are meant to bring us back to what matters and to unite us. Irrespective of the differences in how we live, how we look or what we believe. We are so similar in our heart's desires.

Many, funny, colored Smarties

Green and Blue and Lilac und Yellow and Pink. So colorful, so tempting. I sometimes still am a child and would be devastated if Smarties would become colorless. I even imagine that each color has its own smell and taste.

See, our world is not uniformed and monochromatic, and so are we. We are colorful in our essence, and this brings a variety of thoughts and ways of living, experiences, believes, and habits. We learn from each other and grow. We develop new ways of thinking and new practices.

Let's keep an eye on not reducing our world to the point of view of some few and make it dull and unlivable! Let's celebrate diversity!

Stay true to yourself!



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