Classic Blue-@Pantone Color of the year 2020

Aktualisiert: 30. März 2020

If there is any color to be the most convenient these days, this would be Classic Blue for sure. The color of the quiet and the profound, symbol of freedom and calm, joy and reliability, sky and sea.

My most worn color

Blue, in all shades and variations, particularly the nuances of sea blue, has always been my favourite. Somehow it is extremely present in my wardrobe.

Wearing blues keeps me entirely in my element. They nourish my inner peace and provide me with strong confidence. Blue speaks for me when I´m not in the mood for verbal communication. It sets the distance that I sometimes miss in interactions with others.

Blue communication

Classic Blue and its shades could be instantly worn; it suits all skin tones. It gives us sovereignty and competence.

Here are some inspirations for integrating this color into your wardrobe for different color types:

Blue ´s profoundness and calm inspire us to trust. Introverted people could authentically express themselves by wearing blue. From the insight out, just the way, we prefer it to be.

For all of you, looking for inspiration for successful business Fotos or appropriate business attire for interviews, I have pinned some examples for you on Pinterest.

If you are mainly extroverted, blue ist the color you can wear to find peace and be more in the moment. It´s impossible to wear blue without being hypnotized by it´s deep, serene aura.

Blue is a healer

Right now, in the middle of the worldwide pandemic and the fear of losing our lives and our existences, wear blue! The color gives us strength and balances our mood out. Turquoise has a healing effect energetically, even on viruses.

We need to keep our clear mind and our hope; we need to stick to our visions or create new ones for the time behind the virus-break. We all will be required to roll up our sleeves and tackle it! We need our energy and positivity to restore our lives, bring our visions into life and make the world a better one.

The fallback shows us how fast things happen, which we days ago did not believe to be possible. Trust in your nature to mainly deal with the virus, as it always does.

Just as mother earth heals if we let it do so.

Stay healthy!

Stay true to yourself!



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